Frank, Michelle, and Evie

If you see a gentleman in the park and it looks like he’s from Pink Floyd, it is really Frank. Frank is a huge fan of Pink Floyd and is always wearing the band’s shirts. Frank’s charming wife, Michele is a huge Buffalo Bills fan and proudly dons their apparel! Their female dog is a 22-month-old pitmation (pit bull Dalmatian) named Evie.

Obviously, Frank has a love for music and has his own home studio in which he continues to practice on his keyboard and a base guitar. Frank has been asked to join our local band Flip Side next year! Frank recently retired from the VA hospital. Prior to that, he was on medical leave bringing Evie to the dog park every morning. He enjoyed his time with his dog at the park so much that he decided to retire! Michele continues to work. Frank, ever so nicely videotapes his dog playing in the park and sends these videos to Michele several times a day. In his younger years, Frank enlisted in the United States Air Force for a total of 6 years. Thank you for your service. When Frank sees another veteran, he instantly greets them and bonds with them. Frank is very proud to be a veteran and is often seen displaying military emblems on his hat, shirts, or jackets.

After the military, Frank started a career as a mechanical special effects person. They created commercials, and music videos and handled all the special effects in the commercials. Frank worked as an IT specialist (information technology) for 30 years prior to employment at Citigroup. Frank and Michele met in 2005 when they were both working at Citigroup. They dated for a year and became an exclusive couple in 2006. They were wed 10-10-17 (happy anniversary!). Michelle continues at Citigroup where they do European billing.

Michelle’s hobby includes animals. They currently have a mini schnauzer that they got from a puppy mill. The dog doesn’t come to our dog park because he is easily frightened. They had another dog Lily, who passed this year and Lily was a blind Maltese miniature schnauzer. Michelle loves to rescue animals that nobody wants. Michelle was laughing as she talked about her love for the Christmas holidays. She loves to get her Christmas tree up early because her tree can be decorated for various holidays like Halloween! She will decorate it with little skeletons, pumpkin heads, candy, corn, and whatever she can find to make the tree festive for the season!

Both Frank and Michele pitch in to offer their help around the park or volunteer for our events. They can be found sweeping the stones, helping to pick up dog feces, or cleaning out the garbage cans. A true credit to our dog park. When asked what they would like to see, their response was some type of water feature in the park would be ideal.

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