Dog Park
Rules and hours

Summer (Memorial Day - Labor Day)
7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Winter (Labor Day- Memorial Day)
7:00 AM - Dusk

CLOSED - Wednesdays as needed for park maintenance
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

CLOSED - March 15 - May 15 seasonal closure to protect turf.
(Longer if we have a wet Spring)

The words may be fun and light-hearted, and we hope you and your pups enjoy the park, however, park goers must abide by all rules and regulations governing the use of Erie County Park and Recreation Lands and must comply with the directions of the Parks Department Personnel.

These are not ‘Guidelines’.

To The Park humans

Rule #01: 

Two’s company! Keep it cozy with a max of two furry pals per responsible adult. It’s like a doggy date, not a puppy party!

Rule #02:

Little humans need big buddies! While we technically allow supervised kiddos (12 and under), let’s talk real talk. Dog parks are for dogs – not tiny tots. It’s a canine carnival, and bringing little ones into the mix is like inviting them to a furry circus. Safety first, paws and claws second!

Rule #03:

No bullies allowed! Pups with a history of being not-so-nice are on the banned list. If your dog’s got a mean streak, it’s time for an exit stage left, pronto!

Rule #04:

Six months and spayed or neutered! Our teenage dogs need a little makeover for responsible mingling. Let’s keep it snipped and tucked for a harmonious hound haven!

Rule #05:

License, vaccinate, and tag it up! Before entering our pup paradise, make sure your furball is legit. Rabies, distemper, parvo – it’s the doggy VIP pass!

Rule #06:

Leash on, leash off!  All dogs must be on a leash while entering leaving the play zone. Safety First!

Rule #07:

Unleash the hounds! Once inside, it’s freedom time! Let your pup’s inner party animal shine – off-leash style!

Rule #08:

Eyes on the prize! Owners, keep your gaze locked and loaded on your four-legged superstars. Leash in hand, you’re the maestro of this doggy symphony!

Rule #09:

Scoop it like it’s hot! Doggy droppings belong in the designated bins. Let’s keep our park sparkling clean, one scoop at a time!

Rule #10:

No training gigs allowed! Professional trainers, this is a no-business zone. Our park is for playdates, not paychecks!

Rule #11:

Size matters, part two! Big dogs, stay in your lane. Small dogs, stick to your side of the park. It’s a canine coexistence – like a neighborly block party, but fuzzier!

Always Off-Limits:

No party poopers allowed! Say no to alcohol, tobacco, glass, aggressive puppers, tiny furballs under four months, snacks, litterbugs, wheeled toys (except for mobility aids), and loner dogs. Let’s keep the park vibes tail-waggingly awesome!

Superhero Alert:

Dog owners, you’re the guardians of this turf! Legally and financially, the leash is in your hands. Any chaos caused by your furball – you’re on duty!

Emergency Info: Dial 911 or the vet hotline if fur meets the fan. Safety first, always!

Now, let the good times roll, and may your doggy adventures be full of tail wags and happy barks!