Alex and Cheko

Alex is a very personable user of the dog park. He displays a quiet demeanor yet he is extremely friendly and always greets individuals with a smile. His pup Cheko is a 1 1/2-year-old American boxer. Alex’s 8-year-old son wanted a white and brown dog to name Cheko. His wife being a true dog lover discovered this dog in Ohio. After seeing this adorable 8-week-old boy, they knew he was the right pup to complete their family.

Cheko was a quiet pup for the first few months but he found a burst of energy at 6 months! Cheko can’t jump on the stools or the 3-foot fence in the yard but he can and does run exceptionally well! Cheko is good-natured and gets along with kids and dogs of all ages.

Alex and his wife Marta own a local business in the village on Commerce Parkway. They manufacture kitchen and garden tools. They have been in business for over 10 years. They also do metal work, and make ornaments, decorative items, and signs. Many of these items are sold through gift catalogs only.

Being family-oriented, they enjoy trips to Darien Lake with their son and completing outdoor projects together. An example of this was when they built a tree house in the yard. Alex comes to the park three or four times a week. His wife enjoys taking the dog for long walks. Alex states his dog has learned some great social skills here.

When asked what he would like to see in the park he stated he would like to see a sign up at the second entry gate stating take your dogs off leash to enter the park. At times dogs on leashes can cause aggressive situations. Alex has been great at helping around the dog park by filling the water bowls or when we needed help with water for the pools and sometimes even sweeping the stones off the concrete. Thanks for all you do, Alex!

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