Alyssa and Beep

Alyssa is a wonderful new addition to our dog park community this year. Sitting down with her and getting to know her and her dog has been truly enlightening. Her dog, Beep, is almost two years old, and she’s had him for less than two months. People often say Beep might be part Ridgeback and part Kerr mix. To satisfy her curiosity, Alyssa plans to get DNA testing done.

Alyssa adopted Beep through Nickel City Canine Rescue. Beep had quite a journey; he arrived from down south after being picked up in Alabama with a gunshot wound to his face. He was fostered there before being brought here, where Alyssa fell in love and adopted him. Beep’s name is one of the most original names we’ve heard! When he gets excited, he sounds just like a smoke detector or a truck backing up, beeping to warn others. And so, Alyssa named him Beep!

Beep is incredibly sweet and plays well with the other dogs. On walks, he sometimes gets stuck on a scent and refuses to move until he’s figured out what it is. Like most dogs, Beep loves a good belly rub! He’s currently in training to help curb his habit of jumping on people.

Alyssa is eager to help out at the dog park and volunteer with whatever is needed. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies, playing the piano, and spending time online. She works part-time as a copywriter, creating ads for her employer’s company. When asked for suggestions on how to improve the dog park, Alyssa had none. She loves that there’s fresh water, toys, and that the park is very well maintained.

Thank you, Alyssa, for being such a wonderful part of our community. We’re so glad to have you and Beep around!

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