Chelsea and Guster

Meet Chelsea and Guster! Guster is AKC registered Shihtzu. His one-year birthday is October 1!
Chelsea and Guster are very regular visitors to our small dog park. Chelsea has volunteered her services picking up apples, sweeping stones, and gathering up dog toys for mowing purposes.

When asked about her hobbies, she talked about collecting and watching dog movies but highlighted coming to the dog park. Chelsea moved here approximately 2 years ago from out of state. She had no friends here. When she adopted Guster she came to the dog park. From there friendships have flourished! She mingles, shares phone numbers, and texts individuals all the time. They all meet up at the park even on rainy nights! Dogs play in the rain! She boasts about her love for the park and would like to see more seating. She loves dogs and Guster is her world.

What I know of Chelsea, she is highly entertaining! The conversations I hear when sitting on the bench make me laugh quite often. Ask her about the enlightening conversations with her husband sometimes! 😂

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