Don and Mr. Moose

Don stumbled upon an English Springer breeder nestled in Pennsylvania, igniting his journey to find the perfect furry companion. Amidst a sea of playful puppies, one stood out – a spirited little pup tackling his larger siblings with gusto. Thus, the moniker “Mr. Moose” was born, a name befitting his feisty spirit. Now at 16 months old, Mr. Moose continues to charm everyone he meets.

Mr. Moose’s impact extends beyond his playful antics; he played a pivotal role in helping a timid puppy mill dog named Tutu find his confidence at our beloved dog park. Gary, a regular park visitor, brought Tutu along, who would often watch from the sidelines. It was Mr. Moose who took the initiative, encouraging Tutu to join in the fun, and transforming him into a park enthusiast. Gratitude abounds for Mr. Moose’s heartwarming intervention, as Tutu now thrives in the park atmosphere, thanks to his newfound friend.

The park holds a special place in Mr. Moose’s heart, evident in his excited cries halfway there. Meanwhile, Don, with a background in criminal justice from Oswego College, transitioned into restaurant management, honing his skills under the tutelage of Mrs. Santora. Eventually, he ventured into entrepreneurship, opening Don’s Little Bistro in Lancaster, a culinary gem cherished by locals for 15 to 16 years.

However, Don’s culinary journey didn’t end there. Embracing the nomadic spirit, he took his talents on the road with The Yum Shack, a food trailer serving up his signature delicacies like Perogies and mouthwatering Burritos. From Lockport Craft Show to Daytona Bike Week, Don’s culinary creations garnered a loyal following, with his Orange Sun Tea becoming a perennial favorite among patrons.

When not on the culinary circuit, Don finds solace in the scenic landscapes of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Mr. Moose assumes the role of therapy dog, bringing comfort and joy to Don’s mother. Describing their bond, Don affectionately declares, “He is my life, my best friend, and I am incredibly fortunate to have him by my side.”

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