Greg and Linus

Greg brings his 19-month-old labradoodle named Linus to the park about 5 or 6 times a week! Linus is pretty well known and was very difficult to photograph this time! Prior to Linus, Greg and his wife had another dog that passed after 14 years. They were devastated. They knew they wanted to wait before getting another dog, but two weeks later they got Linus!

Linus was a rescue Greg and his wife were only one of 60 applicants but still were chosen for Linus. Linus immediately made himself at home sitting down between Greg’s wife and daughter. He was 11 months old when they rescued him from Ohio. Greg worked for 30 years one job, a delivery driver for Camellia’s. He was more than happy to retire. He enjoys working around the house and the yard. One of Greg’s hobbies is music which seems to be a common theme amongst many of the men that attend the dog park. They noticed Linus is very protective of his family. He’s also very sociable and loves to play with other dogs. Greg and his wife have three children. One son is a technician for Capital Heat. Another son is a technician for cable and a daughter is a nurse above Buff General.

Greg’s wife is a charge nurse at Sister’s Hospital in Buffalo. The family enjoys outside activities. They do landscaping around their home. Sheryl loves painting and is a good artist. Greg’s favorite hobby is outdoor grilling. He would love to swap grilling recipes! He wants people to know he’s fun, loving easy-going, and just loving life to the fullest right now. Greg said he’s very happy with the dog park and he enjoys mostly the social interactions that have come from frequent visits. His dog is better socialized and Greg now has another family to visit frequently, the regulars! He’s more than happy to volunteer when we need him. Thanks, Greg.

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