Jenni and Penny

Jenni is easy to spot with her autumn hair color! She brings her almost 2-year-old cattle dog mix, Penny, to the park regularly. Jenni rescued Penny through Nickel City Canine Rescue. Penny’s son wanted a dog to take fishing when he went. She laughed saying, “That never happened!”

Life wasn’t always easy with Jenni and Penny. Penny had a tough time transitioning into her home. Jenni has cats who have learned to tolerate the dog. Jenni had a friend who would come to visit and the entire time that friend was there Penny did not stop barking. The dog definitely needed training and went 3 days a week for 3 months. Jenni was not going to give up on this dog for anything in the world and now she says, “My dog!”

Jenni tries to come to the park once or twice a week and enjoys the sunny warmer days! Jenni is busy taking care of sweeping and dog water while here. The family enjoys camping, bowling, and also sitting in the driveway with friends and neighbors for cookouts. She said her favorite cocktail is tequila or craft beer!

Jenni’s older daughter resides in Canada and has a 5-year-old son. Jenni also has a 14-year-old son. Jenni would like people to know that she loves animals! All kinds of animals. She is fun, loving, and caring!

When asked, what would improve the dog park? She said not so much. This place is great! Perhaps agility equipment or benches, but it really is wonderful. And yes, Jenni has offered to volunteer for events. She is interested in one day joining the committee as a member and working up to a board member but that will take time as her life is very busy at this point with working, kids, and life. Thanks, Jenni, we appreciate you.

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