Mary and Rocco

I have so much to tell you about Mary! Wow! Her adorable Yorkie -poo Rocco is a sweet 17-year-old! Mary and Rocco are at the dog park usually every afternoon/evening. Mary notes it has helped Rocco so much since his brother Fonzi crossed the rainbow bridge last year. Weather pending they spend 1 to 2 hours here. Mary keeps herself busy while Rocco plays by picking up apples, tossing them over the fence to the deer, sweeping, tending to water bowls, and picking up toys!

Mary has numerous hobbies! She loves researching things. One’s learning should never end! Mary enjoys writing, and gaming and is passionate about painting. She dabbles in soft pastels and acrylic. She decided to try something new and took a motorcycle course. She owns a Honda. From there she learned the fun of riding a 3-wheeled motorcycle, she claims, “The road has a soul!”. When thinking about eating out she likes to go for her favorite, Japanese food. Mary and Rocco enjoy exploring together and going on nature hikes.

What I didn’t know about Mary is that she served 5 years of active duty in the army combat military. She was deployed once to Kuwait and Baghdad. Thank you for serving our country. We admire and respect our veterans. She went on to college in the military and learned to be a tattoo artist on the side. She’s so very diversified. She claims she’s very good at billiards too! Challenge her some time to a game of pool!

When asked about suggestions for the dog park she thought a food pantry would be nice for dogs. And she also felt a Facebook chat over who’s in the park and when would be helpful. She does want to be a volunteer in the future for some of our events. Thank you Mary for all you do.

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