Nicole and Kevin

Nicole and Kevin make a fun-loving team! Kevin is a 3-year-old handsome Shepherd Malinois mix. Nicole had unfortunately lost three of her senior dogs. She knew she wanted to wait to get another dog. A post of a 1-year-old dog, Kevin kept popping up on Facebook. Nicole felt as though it was a sign and she went to meet Kevin in the Orleans County Animal Shelter. She knew then she couldn’t leave without taking him home with her!

Kevin has a goofy personality like his mom! Nicole says if he could speak he would sound like Goliath from Davey and Goliath! He is free-spirited and everybody’s friend. She noted when the dog is outside he will whine. If he sees cats or squirrels he will whine and cry! Kevin is very talkative noting that he always has to get the last word in. She repeats his little woo-woo noise! Sometimes people get anxious around Kevin because he does talk making noises. Kevin is inherently good.

Nicole used to foster dogs for rescues. She enjoyed it. As of late, her hobbies include refinishing furniture, amateur photography, and kayaking on Lake Erie. Nicole would love to take Kevin out on the kayak in the future. Currently, Kevin enjoys boating. He will jump off the back of the boat and swim around heading back to the boat. Nicole works at M&T Bank in the real estate department addressing collateral management. Her days are long and she tries to get to the dog park at least four times a week.

When asked about the future aspirations of the dog park, she thought a splash pad would be a great addition. Nicole has been known to pick up the broom and sweep stones or pick up random droppings from other dogs. She is always willing to help out and has signed up on the volunteer list.

Thank you, Nicole. Today I noticed Kevin and Nicole left a box of items that were used and unused for other dogs and it was free if you wanted to take anything home. I did bring it home for our first donation to the city of Buffalo Animal Shelter, which will be December 2nd when we see Santa! Thanks so much for thinking of others Nicole!

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