Norma and Arthur

Norma’s journey into the world of dogs took an unexpected turn when Arthur, the lovable Saint Bernard with two distinct sides – one clean and the other delightfully dirty – entered her life. Arthur, now 11 months old, has become a source of entertainment and joy for fellow park-goers.

Norma, initially a self-proclaimed cat enthusiast, never had the intention of welcoming a dog into her home. The catalyst came when she overheard discussions about Saint Bernard puppies during a workplace meeting. Norma’s daughter expressed a desire for a “Beethoven,” igniting Norma’s curiosity. Although resistant to the idea of taking on the responsibility of a dog, Norma found herself drawn to the idea after researching Saint Bernard puppies.

The litter, born in a barn in Irving, NY, caught Norma’s attention through online videos showcasing the playful pups with different-colored tags. Despite her initial reservations, Norma decided to pay them a visit in person. One pup, distinguished by an orange tag, seemed less bonded to the others. Norma picked him up and named him Arthur. The journey wasn’t without its challenges, as Arthur proved to be a spirited and demanding puppy. However, Norma persevered, working through the difficulties and forming a unique bond with her newfound furry companion.

Norma, a single parent working full-time at the Erie County Department of Social Services with juvenile delinquents, found fulfillment and pride in her family and career. Having been to Knox Farm dog park before, she felt it was too vast to manage Arthur’s exuberance. Como Lake Bark Park became their go-to destination, where, despite initial embarrassment, they found a warm and accepting community.

Visiting the park about three times a week, Arthur has become a beloved figure. The regulars cheer at the sight of him, embracing both his friendly nature and his penchant for muddy puddles. Norma, ever adaptable, rolls with Arthur’s playful antics, knowing that a bath at a local pet store awaits them after their park adventures.

The Como Lake Bark Park community has welcomed Norma and Arthur with open arms, appreciating the unique dynamic they bring to the park. Norma’s willingness to volunteer for park events further strengthens the sense of camaraderie. In the world of surprises, Norma and Arthur’s story stands out as a testament to unexpected companionship and the joy it brings to the heart of Como Lake Bark Park. 🐶💚

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