Pat, Dave, and Harley

Pat and Dave enjoy the company of their 5-year-old beagle and black lab mix named Harley. Harley was adopted through the SPCA and is a great addition to the family.

I’d like to talk about Pat first. Pat is a very peaceful, caring individual. Pat was given a second chance at life thanks to a compassionate donor 2 years ago this coming April. She received a double lung transplant and continues enjoying all that life has to offer. If you recall the post for donations for the city animal shelter, all of the crocheted blankets that were donated Pat crocheted. She does stunning work! Pat is busy at the senior center with her husband Dave. She enjoys time spent crafting and attending craft shows. Pat is active in the car club along with her husband Dave. Pat enjoys many of the same hobbies Dave enjoys and they spend much time together enjoying each other’s company.

Dave has his hands in everything. He enjoys working around the house, boating, Western New York Mopar’s club, and of course riding his Harley Davidson! Dave commented that he loved horseback riding, ice skating, roller skating, vintage airplane shows, and restoring old cars when his dad was alive. He shared the story of how he and his dad were at Rich Marina one day in 1990. A 4-year-old boy fell into the water and both Dad and Dave saved this little boy! Dave is a real jokester! You can hear him coming into the park and I can guarantee he will have a joke of the day for everybody. What’s comical is when people have jokes for Dave! People come to the park prepared to share these jokes with him.

Dave and Pat met in 2009 and were married in 2015. They resided in Buffalo, West Seneca, and now in Lancaster for the past 5 years. In 2013, Dave retired from the West Seneca schools. He is very proud of the 37 years he was employed in the district. Dave wasn’t done working though. He is now subbing in the school cafeterias serving lunches in the West Seneca schools. He enjoys serving the youth! They both volunteer when there is an opportunity.

They visit the park twice a day every day. They enjoy the social aspect of the park making new friends all the time. Dave states that he is pleased to see others in the park pitching in by helping to sweep, fill water bowls, and keeping our park clean. Dave would like to see the pools come back to the park as the dogs truly enjoyed them. Dave and Pat donated the cart that helped us fill the pools. Dave was always there getting water for them. They donate many new dog toys for the park. In the evenings before Dave leaves, he likes to walk the park picking up all the toys to make sure they’re in the toy box. Thank you Dave and Pat for all you do for making our park a better place!

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