Paul and Odin

This is Paul with his gentle giant Odin. Odin is a 2 1/2 year old European Doberman. Paul and his wife were always small dog people. Before Odin, they heard of a Doberman that had been abused and needed to be rescued. They took in Sampson. When Sampson passed they decided to get another Doberman and that’s when they got Odin from a breeder in Pennsylvania.

Paul likes to bring Odin to the dog park at least 6 days a week. Odin needs to run and enjoy the other dogs in the park. Odin has gotten used to coming and expects to come to the park now! As previously stated, Odin is a large dog and easily intimidates people. Odin is not an aggressive dog. He has never bitten a person or another dog. Odin himself has been bit and stitches were required. If Odin is scared, he will warn the dog perhaps with a growl or a show of his teeth, but then he turns and walks away. He’s never defensive. Paul is always within reach of his dog. There really is nothing to fear with Odin.

Odin enjoys digging in the water bowls and watching the water fly! Odin plays with the cats that he has at home. When asked what Paul’s hobbies are Paul replied his job was his hobby because that’s how much he enjoys doing the work he does.

Paul is a trim carpenter for new builds. He enjoys woodworking and carpentry. Odin is up at night at times and sleeps more often during the day. He does enjoy sleeping with Paul and his wife! I’ve witnessed Paul pick up the broom and sweep the areas to help us out. He also picks up the toys that are lying around. When asked what improvements Paul would like to see in the park he replied “I’d like to see a splash pad!’. Thanks, Paul for all you do!

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