Paul, Beth, and Zoe

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Paul, his wife Beth, and their red merle Aussie, Zoe! Zoe is 2 1/2 years old. They got Zoe in January which is when they started to visit the dog park. They come basically every day unless something is holding them up at home.

Their hobbies are many. Beth enjoys quilting, canning, sewing, making her own dog food, reading mysteries, and sewing stars to share with veterans showing them appreciation for their service. Beth and Paul both have an interesting history. She has been retired for 6 years. Her last position was as a licensed practical nurse. Prior to nursing, she was a school bus driver for 23 years. While working for the family business for 10 to 15 years she learned how to drill wells for water and gas! She states this is when she met her husband of 36 years, Paul. Paul, on the other hand, is busy with many hobbies. He enjoys woodworking. You’ve probably seen his work as he made the dog water bowl holder in our large dog park and the small dog toy box. He has made beds, kitchen tables, coffee tables, and more. Paul owned his own business working in computer software. He also trained as an accountant. Paul learned early that he loved flying and became a pilot. Combining his love of flight and his love of building, of course, building his own airplane was a must!

Once completed, he flew that airplane to Alaska! With that love of planes and flying, Beth and Paul pack up their camper once a year and head to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He is a member of EAA, an experimental aircraft association. There they hold the world’s largest airshow. This show goes on for a month. They volunteer to do whatever is needed. They might work in the cafeteria one day or they might help park cars one day but they thoroughly enjoy this time and seeing all of the different airplanes that come in from around the world for show. I do have one thing to warn you about. Zoe is a water bowl thief! Zoe even got his mugshot on the calendar for stealing a water bowl in the dog park! Hence the reasoning behind Paul building the water bowl holder!

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