Steve and Buddy

As you can tell from his dog Buddy’s eyes locked on his Master Steve, the unconditional love goes both ways! Buddy is a 4-year-old Mountain Cur Pit mix. Steve went to the SPCA to look at a dog that hadn’t arrived yet. As he was waiting he walked the kennels looking at all the dogs. The first dog looked at him and put his paw up to him. Steve was still thinking of the other dog he was there to meet but to pass the time he decided he would do a meet and greet with this dog. Seven other dogs came in to meet Steve also.

Buddy sat next to Steve never leaving his side. It’s so true that dogs pick their owners because this has been a successful, wonderful placement for the two of them. Steve and Buddy go everywhere together except for Steve’s work. Steve works full-time for Queen City Quartz and Granite. He measures, runs a program, saws, and installs! He grew up near a farm. At age 13, he was hired to take care of the animals. As he grew older his farm responsibilities became tougher. He worked his way up to driving the farm equipment like tractors, etc. He thoroughly enjoyed working on the farm.

Six years ago he moved to the suburbs. This is when he got his dog. He comes to the dog park as often as he can shooting for at least five times a week. He has learned a lot of the dog’s names and recognizes their owners, but knowing the owners’ names is a little tougher. He is always playful with all the dogs that come by him. I’ve seen him pitching around the park sweeping and cleaning up dog toys. He would like to volunteer for events if he’s needed. When asked about suggestions for the dog park he would like to see later winter hours because people get out of work at 5:00 and it’s already dark. It’s tough to get his dog there. Buddy knows all the basic commands.

Steve’s favorite hobby is golfing. He chuckled telling me one of the goals he has for Buddy is to teach his dog how to sit on the golf cart and then train him to get the balls when he hits a bad ball that doesn’t count! Good luck with that Steve!

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