Tabatha and Lucy

Greetings to Tabatha, her dog Lucy, and on this particular morning her 2 youngest boys! Lucy was a 716 rescue dog. As many rescues her genetic makeup is unknown. Lucy was 6 1/2 months old when the family adopted her. Currently, Lucy is still in the puppy stage at 10 months of age. Prior to Lucy, the family had an amazing lab named Scooby. At age 13, Scooby was laid to rest. For 1 1/2 years the family had no dog. Tabatha felt children need to grow up with a dog. The family saw Lucy at an adoption event. Lucy had fun playing with the other pups there.

The family visited Lucy at the foster home and Lucy was all over everyone! They knew Lucy would be a great fit! Lucy was nervous on the car ride home and was so happy to finally be in her new home! Lucy loves the hose, barking at it! She even tries to get in the tub with the kids! Lucy loves to splash water out of the water bowl! When Lucy needs attention, she will chew on the kids’ toys! Lucy is a snuggle bug loving the pillows on the couch. Lucy is at the dog park as often as possible. Tabatha and her husband have four children. Two older youth and 2 younger boys are featured below. Tabatha is currently unemployed and loving it. She has 20 enjoyable years in the nursing profession working with the elderly. Currently being a stay-at-home mom is the most important role for Tabatha. She is busy running after boys, loving spending time with the family in the outdoors, going to beaches, sunshine, or camping.

The older children are busy with extra curricular activities which the family strongly support. Tabatha loves working on crafts with her children making things like ornaments, coloring, painting, etc. Tabatha prides herself on motherhood. She loves dogs as they are not as sassy as kids can be! She feels agility equipment would be a great addition to the dog park. She is more than happy to volunteer for anything we need help for. And when there are no dogs in the park, she does allow her boys to help sweep. They’re extremely thoughtful and kind little boys! ❤️

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