Corky and Tilly

Corky and Tilly were destined to find each other through the Buffalo Animal Shelter. Corky had recently lost her beloved dog Meika on January 22, 2024, and wasn’t sure if she was ready for another. But on February 13th, her neighbor, who was grooming a dog for the shelter, mentioned a pup that seemed perfect for Corky. Intrigued, Corky visited the grooming parlor and instantly fell in love with the playful Tilly!

Tilly, a two-year-old mix of Papillon and Australian Shepherd, charmed Corky with her one blue eye and infectious energy. After waiting a day for Tilly to be spayed, Corky joyfully picked her up from the vet on February 15th.

Not yet socialized or leash-trained, Tilly’s exuberance was a handful at first. Fortunately, Como Lake Dog Park became their daily sanctuary. The park’s open space and friendly dogs helped Tilly burn off energy and learn social skills, making her much calmer at home. Corky also found invaluable help from premier dog training tips, transforming Tilly into a well-behaved, fun-loving companion.

Tilly now follows Corky everywhere, from the bed to the shower mat, bringing laughter and companionship into her life. They visit the dog park at least once a day, sometimes twice, to ensure Tilly gets the exercise she needs. Without these outings, Tilly’s evening zoomies around the living room could give anyone a headache!

Corky, a vibrant and active woman, is deeply involved in her church, where she’s currently working on replacing the stained glass windows. She also enjoys creating stained glass art at home, gardening, crocheting, sewing, and painting statues for her lawn. An avid hiker, Corky loves day trips to Letchworth and is even contemplating a cross-country adventure.

Corky believes that dog owners should always be responsible for their pets, and she has no suggestions for improving the dog park because it’s perfect as it is. We’re thrilled to have Corky and Tilly as part of our community, bringing joy and positivity to everyone they meet!

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