Lara and Molly

Lara was at 716 Paws as a foster parent in training. While at the facility Lara was asked to hold a leash of Molly’s. She walked her and knew instantly that Molly was her girl! Molly had been found abandoned in a fenced-in yard in Alabama. Molly is a Pittie Staffie Boxer Chow mix and is turning 3 in February.

Lara lives with her aging parents and they too adore Molly. Lara has a few hobbies such as anything to do with dogs! She loves helping dog rescues! She is a huge soccer fan having been a coach for her son’s games. Working from home makes it easy to also do baking and cooking which is another favorite of hers. She does work for Mattel and is a lead quality and training coordinator.

Lara is very pleased that there is now a dog park for her and Molly to attend. It is an excellent source for people to socialize as well as the dogs. And having a small and a large dog section is perfect. Lara sees nothing that we can do to improve the dog park. She’s willing to volunteer and she does a good job with social media.

Lara, it was wonderful that you brought Tim Hortons coffee that Saturday to the dog park to share with everyone. That left quite an impression and I know other people are thinking of doing it as well! Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

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